stowaway, day at the trails edit...

the edit below shows the stowaway distribution family enjoying a day at the kerr bros trails from two weekends ago. ryan lloyd says this edit perfectly represents the vibe of the day…yew!

big smiles and epic riding from our buddy united's ryan lloyd, terrible one’s russel brindley, s&m bikes tom boorman & tyson jones- peni, as well as stowaway’s own toby forte. you’ll also see the  wa’s seb scott thrown in the mix, as well as will and chris kerr.


Stowaway - A Day at the Trails from John Young on Vimeo.


filmed & edited by john young additional filming & titles by will herrmann


check out the flipbook here:

ryan lloyd, playground.

Ryan Lloyd with a little playground action at the Regency Rendezvous on the weekend.

Dave Rubinich photo.



on instagram… ryan lloyd


Ryan Lloyd Onefoot X at the Chief St Halloween Jam. Dave Rubinich photo.

chase hawk - welcome to etnies edit

Sunday, October 27th, 2013
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Chase has been on Etnies since the start of the year, they’ve taken their time with his welcome edit and it was worth the wait.




Oh, and they drop the bomb that they have the third Etnies video is in the works! The other 2 videos from etnies are awesome! Check them out Etnies Forward and Etnies Grounded.


octoberfest is a wrap over on stowaway's site.

Wednesday, October 16th, 2013
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Check Stowaway's take on how Octoberfest 2013 went.




Big thanks to the guys above, they do almost all the digging at City Dirt!

octoberfest 2013...

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
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ryan lloyd bike check from stowaway distro and united bikes...

A little bike check video from Ryan while he's healing up from a big crash in NZ.



Big thanks to Stowaway Distribution, United Bikes, Primary Threads and Etnies BMX for their help and support for Ryan. It is much appreciated!

ryan lloyd love from dave rubinich...

Some photos of Ryan Lloyd at West Beach from about a month back thanks to dave Rubinich.




Lookback transfer bowl to bank!


Liz and Ryan somehow sharing a laugh after Ryan crashing lots of times trying to 180 from the bowl to the bank.


Photos thanks to Dave Rubinich.

get well soon ryan & liz lloyd...

On Wednesday last week Ryan Lloyd had a very nasty crash on some trails over in New Zealand! 12 stitches to his face and 3 cracked vertebrae and a visit in hospital for a few days! In typical Ryan form, he's happy and thankful that nothing worse happened! That same day his wife Liz Lloyd was hit off her bike by a car approximately the same time Ryan's accident occurred! Love to you both we're all thinking of you two xoxo


Big thanks to Stowaway Distribution, Primary Threads, United Bikes and Etnies BMX for helping ryan out!



We love you guys!!!

ryan lloyd farm jam nz footage...

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013
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Ryan came 5th & won best style at the Farm Jam in New Zealand! Heres a little footage...