afray andtroducing liam zingbergs

If you have seen our mate Liam Zingbergs lately it would be hard to miss that he now rides for AFRAY clothing. Liam has been reppin AFRAY from head to toe litrally, he covered in it and so he should it's good lookin shit!




AFRAY Press Release...

AFRAY is pleased to announce the newest edition to the squad, Liam Zingbergs. Hailing from the Southern city of Adelaide, Liam has earned a reputation as being one of the top street riders out of Australia. To Celebrate, we flew Liam across to the EastCoast to spend some time with the rest of the crew. Read more to view the video, filmed and edited by John Young.

AFRAY ANDTRODUCING Liam Zingbergs from AFRAY Denim Co. on Vimeo.

nate and beechy check-in, and then check out

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012
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If you didn't know a couple of our buddys, Nate and Beechy, have been living in Perth, WA for a while now. They both have been saving their pennys for a trip to Europe to catch up with mates, ride and have lots of good times. Before they left for OS they dropped through to say bye on the way to Beechy's home town of Beechworth in Vic.

Cheers guys, have a good one. Stay safe!

Dave Rubinich took some pics when they were in Adelaide before he and Josh K joined them for the trip to Beechworth.

Thanks Dave!


Happy hour!


Cheeky Beechy 2020 interview.. sssshhhhhhh.........


Beechy large t-bog, Beechworth.


Beechy 'SCOOT 4 LYF ♥!'


Josh, Beechy and Nate Chill.