rriding ttrails on mmars (woodside)

Brayden Mcpharlin T-bog.JPG

brayden mcpharlin t-bog.


Gus Table.JPG

angus samson table


Dempsey roast.JPG

dempsey flickout


Tom Stanton 1 foot darkside.JPG

tom stanton 1 foot bermslider


some photos from the weekend at woodside (woody) trails, taken by ryan lloyd.

tom stanton's mixtape #2

Saturday, November 22nd, 2014
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Tom's second mixtape, a bunch of good dudes having fun, riding bikes. Great edit guys, thanks for sharing... 

Riders: Giulio Giampaolo, Andrew Franklin, Michael King, Reece Watherston, Ben Ferber, Darryn James, Jordy Figallo, David Luff, Ricardo Dougherty, Tom Stanton, Ben Ferber, Jack Mildred, Ricky Catanzariti, Tristan Gray, Cooper Salkic, Mikey Moore, Alex Visotky, Dale Robertson & Surya Gentilin.

tristan gray - afternoon clips

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
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Tristan Gray - Afternoon clips

Tom Stanton - I filmed this little edit with Tristan this afternoon, pretty happy with the way it turned out even though the editing was rushed. Filmed at Blackwood skatepark and Adelaide City Skate. Tristan is only 16 and fucking shreds. Tristan would also like to thank Mankind Bike Co, Dishonour Brand and Little Black Bike. ps the frontie was his first one landed.